Episode 4: Philly in Focus - Student Activism
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In this ABC podcast episode, Philly in Focus: Student Activism, we discuss Philadelphia as a center of student activism. Exploring past and present activism we delve into the 1967 Student Walkouts we meet with Dr. Walter Palmer. Moving into contemporary times we discuss the recent Amy Wax Law controversy, and finish with a dynamic conversation with a current high school student activist and co-creator of UrbED.

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Episode 3: Critical Pedagogies
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Art and Poetry, the Uncomfortable, the Unjust, the Personal, the Intimate, the Critical, the Hopeful. In this podcast, we explore the pedagogical underpinnings and transgressing revelations of two class sessions of activism and education. Inspired by bell hooks, Paulo Freire, and the critical pedagogies throughout cultures of resistance, we discuss the theory, practice, action and purpose of educating, weaving snippets of the class sessions together with commentary and discussion.

Episode 2: Dilly Dilly Queer in Philly
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Hosted by LaShawnda, Erin, Amiri, and Michaela, this episode features two conversations with queer folx. In conversation with working group members, the guests explore queer theory and its applications to everyday life in Philadelphia. What are the limits and value of queer theory language? How do contexts like work and school shape what we desire from others and for ourselves?  The guests offer a critical and personal reflection on struggle, space, and culture practice of queerness. 

Episode 1: Penntrification

What should the relationship between a university and its surrounding community look like? Is Penn actually a model, as it is so often described? This episode of ABC interrogates Penn’s community relations with a guided walk through Penn’s spatial politics, a debrief of Penn’s construction, development and physical expansion, and a critical discussion of what’s happening and what’s next. What might we produce, and reproduce, when we refer to Penn as a physical space? Who benefits from the university’s relationship with Philadelphia? How does the university govern its students’ relationships with Philadelphia? In this episode, students Dorothy, Connor, Henry, and Betsy bring their research and personal histories to work these critical questions.

Krystal Strong