Community Partners

The Fall 2019 offering of ABC will introduce established community partners that students will collaborate with in the formation of inquiry-based working groups, the development of teaching and learning practices, and the production and dissemination of public scholarship in the chosen areas of exploration. The goals for this partnership are two fold: (1) For students, this approach will provide a more substantive form of engagement with community organizations. (2) For partner organizations, having a role in shaping the course inquiry will provide an opportunity for public-facing scholarship to support and amplify the work they are already doing, in the form of the class podcast, opinion pieces, and other written or multimodal work that working groups may choose to initiate (e.g., a report, short film, or multimedia project).

Coming Soon

This page will serve as hub to access the Community Partners’ Work. It will also hold space for community partners to represent themselves and their engagement in ABC.