Critical Pedagogies

This working group has been exploring the theories and practices behind liberatory praxis (theory and action) in pedagogical approaches in classrooms and third spaces. In an attempt to resist oppressive teaching and learning practices that are commonly used in education, we enacted a vision of critical pedagogies by breaking down the teacher-student binary, providing opportunities for the class to reflect on their own lives, and cultivating space for mindfulness, art, and embodied movement.


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Art and Poetry, the Uncomfortable, the Unjust, the Personal, the Intimate, the Critical, the Hopeful. In this podcast, we explore the pedagogical underpinnings and transgressing revelations of two class sessions of activism and education. Inspired by bell hooks, Paulo Freire, and the critical pedagogies throughout cultures of resistance, we discuss the theory, practice, action and purpose of educating, weaving snippets of the class sessions together with commentary and discussion.


Week 1 - Critical Foundations

Required Readings

Suggestive Readings

Before Class Assignment

Journal to yourself about a limit situation (as described in Pedagogy of the Oppressed starting on p.99) experienced in your life, then share what you are comfortable sharing, on Canvas, by Sunday. Feel free to use any non-textual medium, e.g., photos, music, etc. Then, take the time to look over everyone’s posts by beginning of class on Tuesday. This will be necessary for an in-class activity. Keep in mind others’ posts that resonate with you.

Supportive Readings

Week 2 - Praxis and Application

At the close of Week 1, as a class we selected readings of interest from the list below. The intention was to allow each person to explore whatever applications may be useful to them, and to actively reject the siloing, separation, and segmentation of academic and practitioner fields.


Cultural Curriculum / Ethnic Studies


Resistance in School


Organizing Pedagogies

The (Baltimore) Algebra Project

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Black Consciousness

    5. Black Souls in White Skins? (p. 19 - 26)

    6. We Blacks (p. 27 - 33)

    9. The Definition of Black Consciousness (p. 48 - 53)

    14. Black Consciousness and the Quest for a True Humanity (p. 87 - 98)

    18. Our Strategy for Liberation (p. 143 - 151)

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